Eating Yak

   These pictures were taken at a Tibetian restaurant in Beijing located near Beijing Language and Culture University. I was invited by a group of professors and instructors from Wuhan University. They were a great group who were studying English in the Pre-departure Department of our university. Pre-departure refers to a language preparation programme for academics and officials planning to visit institutions abroad. I apologize that I cannot remember everyone's names. I'll have to ask Zhu Jun for his help with that.

Mr Huang and I are pictured here. Mr Huang is a Chinese literature professor at Wuhan. In the gold colored tea pot was a special drink made of fermented yak's milk and Tibetan alcohol.

Toasting for a drink are Wuhan's "Democracy Party" delegate, myself and Zhu Jun. In China, there are actually psuedo-political organizations outside of the Communist Party, however they need approval from the Communist Party to exist, and when they have "sanctioned" meetings, a CP monitor must be present.

We are all wearing silk scarves given to us by the owner of the restaurant. This is a Tibetan tradtion. The owner also came and performed traditional music for us. On the table are a lot of dishes made from yak meat. What did it taste like? "A lot like chicken:)" No not really. It was very sweet and tender. These yaks are raised on special farms for their meat. A wild yak would be too tough to eat.
Note the leader of the Wuhan group is standing in the far right of the picture wearing a dark shirt.

Everyone claps after one of the guests gives a speech. In China, people often give thank you speeches to the group and host during the meal.

When having parties, most groups book private rooms with kareoke machines. Singing and drinking after dinner is part of the entertainment.

The whole group is pictured here.

Can't remember his name.

Chatting about life.

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