Taiwan: Yesterday Once More

   The pictures featured here were taken in China and Taiwan between 1997 and 2003. Someone has pointed out the strange year on the pictures -- 88. This is a Republic of China year. 'Year One' for the Republic of China is 1911 -- the year of the first revolution, which not only saw the fall of the Qing Dynasty and Sun Yet-san as the first president of the ROC, but also the beginning of an era of chaos for China. I never did set the date properly on my old camera, so it was always 88 (1999) in my world during those days:)

Please enjoy this walk down memory lane ...

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Scenery around Taipei Pictures taken on Yamingshan -- a mountain only a 40 minute bus ride from Taipei City.

Macau (1999) Pictures taken while visiting former boyfriend in Macau.

Taiwan Parties (1997-1999) Pictures from various house parties in Taipei between 1997 and 1999.

More Taiwan Parties (1998) Pictures from a house party in 1998 -- possibly Christmas.

Taiwan Teachers Pictures of teacher friends who live or have lived in Taiwan

Hess New Teacher's Party (1999) Pictures from a party for new teachers at Grandma Nitti's in Taipei.

Michelle's Posh Party (April 2000) Friend inherits posh pad from departing banker (4000 US dollars times 6 months prepaid rent) and throws me a birthday party.

The Night of the Pajama Man A typical Saturday night in the summer of 2000.

More friends and fun Pictures of various old-hands, artists, journalists and DPP friends, as well as a visit from my mom to Taiwan during 2000-01.

Rockin' the Casbah (2001) Pictures from a birthday bash with DPP buddies from "The Office", the legislature and the Liberty Times .

Beijing Life (2002-03) Pictures of Beijing university life

More Beijing Life (2002-03) More pictures from Beijing -- also including one picture from Shanghai

Tibetan Restaurant in Beijing (2003) Partying with friends from the university.

Back in Taiwan (2002-03) Various pictures taken during Chinese New Year visits to Taiwan.

Fun Times at Joy (2003) Pictures from one of my old Joy branches in ChungHe

"Joyful" Chicks (2004) Pictures from a hot and humid summer night party at my old place in ChungHe with the staff of my branch

Taiwan Votes Pictures taken of election madness in Taiwan

Taiwan Officialdom Some famous faces.

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