These pictures were taken throughout the years 2000-01, after Chen Shui-bian had won the March 2000 presidential election. Many DPP friends are pictured here as we were being treated like "rock-stars" everywhere we went.

Picture with old Asia-hand, Andrew Kutney, in the combat zone during happy hour.

The always enigmatic "Uncle" Phil Moriarty's millenium birthday bash.

My favorite "Frog" -- Dree-ge. Declared most likely to follow in the president's footsteps and then go to jail on corruption charges. It is ironic that nine years later, the president himself is in prison on corruption charges. Go figure!

The Wild Bunch -- here we are in a famous old Taiwanese independence haunt with (at that time) Hong Kong teen heart throb.

Collecting potential "blackmail" photos of the Frog for later use with Taiwanese comedian.

More silly pictures

Journalist friends Vivian and Cathy -- at the time, we had our own version of "Sex and the National Legislature" coffee club every morning in the lobby coffee shop of the Legislative Assembly

Lunching at the Grand Hyatt -- one of the benefits of working for a congressman was the use of his driver and black sedan with government plates. We got VIP parking and treatment everywhere.

Good friend Gary Yungerman from the American Chamber of Commerce who was fond of telling everyone that I was the most popular "American" at the AIT.

Legislative lunching -- my boss takes my mom out for lunch in July 2001, after organizing a VIP reception for her at the international aiport.

Former boyfriend and I at my old place preparing to take my mom out for dinner.

My mom and I at my old apartment.

The Frog takes my mom out on the town.

My mom visiting my friend Shirley's Latin style restaurant in Taipei City.

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