Michelle's Posh Pad

These pictures were taken at my 36th birthday party, which was thrown for me by an Australian friend who had just "inherited a posh-pad", when her banker-friend moved on to Hong Kong. The neighbors didn't like us much though and wasted no time in calling the police to complain about our "foreign" noise. Rob; a beginner student of Mandarin at the time; tried to smooth things over but ended up accidently calling the officer's mother "a goat".

My friend Michelle and her then-boyfriend Vincent.

Michelle, Vincent and I pose together -- nothing like being surrounded by beach blondes!

Michelle, Jean, and I think Shirley?

"In-elegant" speech making with high-pitched voice, I would imagine.

Two nurses from Ireland whose names now escape me

Gary, whose now in Singapore, Michelle and a South African couple who returned home five or six years ago

Hansen who is now in mainland China

"Ben-Dan" from the US -- they were brothers and the combination of their names in this way sounds like "stupid egg" in Chinese. It was never lost on students. And of course, Rob Price is, as usual, in the middle of the throng.

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