Night of the Pajama Man
Going back to the summer of 2000, these pictures depict a typical Saturday night in Taipei. Starts with drinking and silliness at friends Eric and Ben's house before moving on to "convenience store patio" drinking after neighbor -- Pajama Man -- calls the police on the "foreign" noise. Finally dancing until morning at Roxy Vibe.
The great intellectuals -- Ben and Rob -- play with legos while watching "The Simpsons" on VHS. WOW VHS! THIS REALLY WAS A WHILE BACK!
Rob and (now former) girlfriend Christie.
Christie and I
Rob points out a picture on his website -- a friend running naked down the beach in Kenting.
Eric fighting the invitation to dance
General dancing, air guitar playing and silliness -- which resulted in the Pajama Man incident
After a brief confrontation with Pajama Man (sung to the tune of Spiderman: "pajama man pajama man doing whatever his pajamas can" .. very painful) -- we head off with Steve and Rob who, in a heated contest to display their Chinese linguistic skills, simultaneously give the driver directions.
The "Circle K" drinking club

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