More Beijing Life
This page includes pictures of students and general life in Beijing.
A picture of Beijing Culture and Language University in winter. Students at an end of term party.
Professor Micheal Prosser's Christmas party.
Christmas 2002 at BLCU's teachers' residence.
Only picture I have from Shanghai -- my colleague Digby and myself doing promotional activity in shopping district for our newspaper Shanghai Star.
Hotpot in my room.
End of term party for writing class -- all the students were medical doctors, which was definitely an inspiration to mark hard.
My friends Akiko and Kim wearing my traditional Chinese dresses.

More hotpot, more beer, more Evan.
Emma had the greatest collection of pirated DVDs in our residence.

Well, I found another "Shanghai" picture. I am out on the town with my mom's life-long friend Jane Datta during her visit to Shanghai. God! Was I fat or what? Actually, I'm 88 kilograms in this picture.

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