Tawain Teachers -- Grandma Nitti's
Here are a selection of pictures from a party at Grandma Nitti's in Taipei -- 1999.
Manager of Grandma Nitti's fights the crowd at a Hess new teachers party Group of Hess teachers -- featured in the front are Eric and Michelle now married
Friends and co-workers -- Jean and Celine are sitting  on the far right Friend, co-worker and person who subleted my house while I was in China -- Ben Stern
Friends and coworkers -- Gary, Shamus and Michelle. Michelle now works for MTV Taiwan
My boyfriend at the time (xiao) Joe -- as opposed to  our "Great Leader" (da) Joe.
Joe with the head Chinese teacher from our Hess branch -- Jessie Anna our education director is pictured here.
Two teachers from our branch -- Paula and May. Conrad and Claire from South Africa -- there are a lot of teachers from South Africa in Taiwan.

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