The following pictures were taken in Beijing during the year 2002, while I was teaching at Beijing Language and Culture University.
This is me at a park outside of Beijing.  It was a great place to go hiking. Another photo from the same park.
Pictured here is Emma (UK) and Ahmi (African medical student in Beijing)
A party in my room at BLCU -- my friend Akiko, a Japanese teacher at BLCU; Zhu Jun, a professor from Wuhan University; Evan Tepperman, another English teacher from our department.
Pictured here at the top of Xiangshan (Fragrant Mountain) in Beijing -- Zhu Jun along with two of his colleagues Ms Jin and Mr Huang
Ms Jin and I after taking the cable car down Xiangshan.
Zhu Jun and I
My first visit to the Great Wall with friend HuangKe and his brother.
HuangKe in Rome
HuangKe at a meeting in Japan.

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