Dear MeiGui: What to do about a cheating man?

Originally published in The China Post, 10/26/08


Dear MeiGui;

     How to arrange a private investigator in Shanghai?  I need to discover what my husband is doing there. 

     When I go out with my husband in Taipei, I see how young girls watch him.   He is a handsome and rich man.  However, my husband will never dare to cheat when he is here, because my brother is a police station chief.  My husband knows my brother can help me catch him and any cheating girlfriend.  Further, I always tell him, if he cheats, I will both sue him and the girl; and then let everyone see the video.  My husband cannot bear to lose face, so I feel safe when he is in Taipei.

    However, my husbandís business is in Shanghai, and when heís there, he is free.  Iíve heard all the stories about Taiwan men in Shanghai.  I know how those Shanghai girls all chase Taiwan men, and make them cheat. 

     I need to find a private investigator in Shanghai.  Do you know how to arrange this?

-- Worried Wife


Dear Worried Wife;

     If anyone is foolish enough to spy on people in Shanghai without government approval, I think you would find them in some XinJiang prison breaking rocks in the hot sun.

     Do note it is a criminal offence for citizens to cheat on their spouses over there.  If caught in the act without adequate funds to supply the authorities with a red envelope, itís off to re-education.  However, this law does not apply to foreigners, and Taiwan men are considered foreigners in this case Ė go figure. 

-- Itís a manís world after all, MeiGui



Dear MeiGui;

     Talk about fatal mistakes.  I moved in with a buddy a few months ago, and now Iím living his nightmare. 

     We both teach English at the same cram school, and his place isnít far from work, so I thought it was a righteous deal, until his co-teacher-girlfriend moved in with us.  Sheís just too much.

     For example, the other night my buddy and I came home pretty late, and when we got back, his girl was waiting for us in the window.  As soon as she saw us, she flung a potted-plant at my buddyís head, and it barely missed him.  Then, she refused to open the door; it took several hours to negotiate our way back in.  Now, she wants me to move out, and my buddyís telling me that I should go.  What is going on here?

-- Dazed and Confused


Dear Dazed and Confused;

     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from the English section of the senior high school entrance exam, and the general overall horror of the standardized university one.

-- Plants can be dangerous, MeiGui