Dear MeiGui: I'm looking for a foreign woman!

Originally published in The China Post, 10/22/08


Dear MeiGui

     I am a Taiwan man looking to date a foreign woman.  This is because I attentively see what benefits Taiwan women dating foreign men receive.  For example, I have studied English for a long time, but my speaking is still not good.  However, we have many young women in our company’s office dating foreign men, and when they communicate with English-speaking clients; they speak very fluently.

     I need to find a foreign girlfriend, so I can study English well, and make my English ability the same with my female colleagues.  Please, MeiGui give me advice about how to date foreign women.

-- Eager English Student


Dear Eager English Student;

     I will assume by “foreign” you actually mean “Western”; and although I think getting to know more English speaking people is a better way to improve your skills, I do realize that this option is probably far too logical and sensible.  Thus, I have made some notes below for your information.

  1. If you are over 30 years old and still live with your parents – move out now!
  2. Should you find a female who is actually willing to date you, do not scream at her to change your dirty ashtray while you spit betel nut juice into the potted-plant in her living room.  
  3. Note that watching Chinese-language soap operas on the living sofa, while chatting loudly with the rest of your extended family does not constitute a social activity for most Western women.

-- Here’s hoping you can’t find a date, MeiGui


Dear MeiGui;

     How does a 30-something shy guy from Canada handle dating in Taipei?  I get tongue-tied every time I try to ask a local girl for a date.  I also worry about the cultural differences involved in having a relationship with a girl here.

     What’s the skinny on finding dates and having relationships with Taipei girls?

-- Shy Guy


Dear Shy Guy;

     Just let the babes come to you.  Put back a few beers to overcome the shyness, and then go linger in a public place.            

     However, should you really be too shy to take this simple and direct approach, I have outlined some points for you below.

  1. Talk about all the money you will inherit one day when in the presence of attractive females.
  2. When dating, be extremely jealous while insisting that you still have the right to date other girls, as you believe in “Big Man” ideology.
  3. Note that watching an endless stream of action movie DVDs on the living room sofa, while drinking beer with your English-teaching buddies, can by default, constitute a social activity for women in Taiwan – refer to point three above. 

-- Anyone can do it, MeiGui