Here are some great links to information about life in Taiwan

Six Around The World This is a website maintained by an old friend who has since left Taiwan -- Rob Price.

Taiwan Ho This is an interesting and eclectic website about Taiwan

The Wild East The Wild East -- winner of Best Taiwan Blogs 2008 -- is an interesting collection of news stories; feature articles and general info on life in Taiwan.

Blonde in Taiwan Well, I'm blonde and in Taiwan, but I don't know this person personally. However, I think her stories are pretty typical of the "Western" experience here.

Bloggers in Taiwan An exhaustive list of English-language bloggers in Taiwan

David's Guide to Taiwan: Links and Information This link provides an exhaustive list of links for those living, or interested in living, in Taiwan.

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan Pretty much the premier spot for information on life and jobs in Taiwan.

Flickr Photo Stream Here is a great photo stream of political events and elections past and present with detailed captions. For anyone looking to get a flavor of Taiwan politics or revisit some crazy old days, take a look.

The Giant List: You Know You Have Been In Taiwan Too Long When ... A hilarious list and, frighteningly enough, I can relate to some most of the entries

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